by Dennis Crandell, LCSW, LCAC
Vice President for Adult Behavioral Services


Editor’s Note: This post was written by the author in an email to his staff before a staff appreciation event.  It is being shared with permission.


Recently I spoke to an acquaintance, Julie, in the small town near where I live.  Julie and I discussed local events and the conversation soon turned to my current employment.  When I noted I drive to Jeffersonville everyday, 60 miles away, she said in mild astonishment “I hope it is worth it!” 


Well I began to think to myself, is it worth it? 


I come to this place each day to have the privilege of being a part of a group of dedicated people who serve persons who suffer with mental illness.  And I think, there is no more a noble a cause. 


Those who provide deliverance from the effects of mental illness are truly noble; you are a noble bunch.  Society in general does not understand how much they should appreciate you. 


Mental illnesses are a group of the most potentially devastating maladies.  They can change the very essence of what it is to be human, they affect the brain.  That organ we use to test reality, to think, to communicate, to feel, to experience emotion, to love, to bond, to participate in human relationships and to navigate the complexities of society.  And as a group you help alleviate the suffering of mental illness. 


Each and every one of you, are integral to the success of our clients, and to LifeSpring as an agency.  You all, are either directly or indirectly, purveyors of deliverance, providers of relief, from the devastating effects of mental illness.  Each day you go about your duties in the betterment of life for the individual and as a result for the improvement of the community at large.  What you do every day, is too often unsung, it is hid in the cloak of confidentiality and of ignorance and stigma of the larger society.  What you do well is often not heralded as it should.  But you are appreciated, by me, and more importantly by our clients and their families. 


I have been impressed with the professionalism, intellect and energy of the Adult Behavioral Services group.  Initially I was impressed at how smart you all were by how nice you treated me!  But what followed was a real appreciation of how well our clients are treated.  And that is the real testament to your intellect and your compassion and understanding of those we serve. 


I make the drive here each day eagerly.  I am proud to have this opportunity to be a part of this system of care.  I appreciate all of you and what you do each day. 


So, yes, Julie it is worth the drive! 

Beth Keeney

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