You can learn more about LifeSpring’s programs by viewing our Center brochure.  LifeSpring is fortunate to have a caring, professional staff offering an array of behavioral healthcare services. 

These programs include:


Assessment: Trained LifeSpring staff work with clients to determine what their needs are and help clients determine the best way to address them.


Individual Outpatient Treatment: Clients work one-on-one with a LifeSpring therapist or care manager to address their needs, set goals, and work towards their recovery.


Individual Outpatient Group: Clients work together in a group, facilitated by a LifeSpring therapist or care manager to learn new skills, and to learn from and support each other.


Medical Services:  Appropriate clients are referred to psychiatrists for a psychiatric assessment, and to determine if medication will aid in their recovery.  Additionally, LifeSpring employs a staff of licensed nurses who work with clients to address their concerns about medication, nutrition and other healthcare issues.