EAP Supervisors

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As a supervisor, your role within EAP framework is to document work performance issues so that appropriate referrals to the EAP can be made. Sometimes we all struggle with outside issues that contribute to work performance problems. The EAP offers resources and support to help employees get their needs met before work performance issues lead to termination.

The two types of referrals you, as a supervisor, can make to the EAP are: Voluntary and Mandatory.

A Voluntary referral is when you casually mention the EAP to an employee who has sought you out for help or support. You can give the employee one of our brochures (link to the brochure) or even assist them in calling one of our locations to set up an appointment. This type of referral is optional and the company will not receive any information back about the employee’s participation in the EAP.

A Mandatory referral is made when an employee’s work performance has become problematic enough to warrant a referral. In the case of a Mandatory referral, the supervisor should contact either the EAP Manager or EAP Coordinator at LifeSpring to make them aware that a Mandatory referral is being made. When the employee attends their first session they will be asked to sign a Release of Information form that allows the LifeSpring affiliate to correspond with the referring supervisor or Human Resources about: Attendance and Appointment Dates, Compliance, Completion of the Program. No other information that the employee shares will be given out. Duty to Warn and reports of abuse will be reported in the same manner that they are reported for all clients at LifeSpring Health Systems.

When determining if a Mandatory referral is appropriate, consider some of the following problems:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Erratic work performance
  • Increased inability to concentrate
  • Occasional complaints from fellow employees
  • A high rate of accidents
  • Blames others for job performance deficiencies
  • Absent without annual or sick leave being available
  • Excessive tardiness
  • Complaints from fellow workers about attitude, behavior, team player issues, profanity, unpredictability
  • Mood swings during the day
  • Claims of getting help for various personal problems without improving job performance, attendance or attitude
  • Refusal to follow reasonable instructions from work supervisor
  • Use of profanity on the job that is offensive to co-workers
  • Disparaging remarks, jokes, and humor of an ethnic or racial nature

If you think a Mandatory referral needs to be made please contact Jessica Cooper or Angela Goeppner at 812-482-3020.

If you need to make a Mandatory referral, please fill out this form (Mandatory Referral Form) and fax it to the EAP Manager at 812-482-6409 or email it to Jessica Cooper

When approaching an employee about work performance issues with a goal of making a mandatory referral to the EAP, keep the following steps in mind:


  • Let the employee know that the company is concerned with Work Performance only.
  • Be aware that personal problems generally get worse, not better, without professional help.
  • Emphasize confidentiality.
  • Explain that going for help does not exclude the employee from standard disciplinary procedures nor does it include special privileges.
  • Explain in very specific terms what the employee needs to do in order to perform up to the company’s expectations.

Do not:

  • Diagnose.
  • Discuss personal problems unless it occurs on the job.
  • Moralize – restrict confrontation to job performance.
  • Be swayed or misled by emotional pleas, sympathy tactics, or “hard luck” stories.
  • Cover up for a friend – you will only hurt him in the end and deter him from getting the help he/she deserves.