Dear Parent/Guardian

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with area schools to provide health services to students enrolled at New Albany High School and Salem Community Schools. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure all students have access to healthcare services when the services are needed. In doing this, we hope to decrease student absences and enhance achievement within the school.  The types of services provided include: acute care visits (such as for possible strep throat, ear infection, etc.), sports physicals, immunizations, checkups, etc.

These services are provided based on LifeSpring’s sliding discount fee scale which can be found HERE. LifeSpring will provide these services to your student, regardless of the ability to pay. It is not necessary that you have medical insurance. If you do, LifeSpring will bill the insurance on your behalf. LifeSpring will keep information related to health and wellness of your student private. If it is not appropriate for your student to return to school, you will be notified, and your student will be provided with documentation. You can find LifeSpring’s privacy practices HERE.

Parents/guardians are welcome to be present for the appointment with their student, but it is not required, as long as they have consented to their student receiving medical care. Students who are 18 years of age can consent to their own medical treatment unless they have a guardian. If you do consent to medical care for your student, you are also consenting to the school system providing medical information related to your student necessary for our medical provider to provide treatment to the student. This would include demographic information, information from enrollment, as well as information related to drug allergies, food allergies, medical history, etc.

If you are not with your student during the appointment, you may also be called to provide additional information. The student will be provided with a written summary of the visit, any diagnosis(es) made, treatments, and medications administered (if applicable).

Services will primarily be performed by a Nurse Practitioner but may also be performed by a physician on occasion. In the event the health matter is beyond the scope of the student health clinic, the student will be referred to their pediatrician, an emergency department or to 911, depending on the situation.

Before we can provide care to your student, you must provide consent and provide a brief medical history about your child. This information will remain a confidential part of your child’s medical record. The parent/guardian is responsible for notifying LifeSpring of any changes to medical history, guardianship, or demographic information.

If you have any questions, please contact LifeSpring at 812-280-2080.