LifeSpring provides comprehensive services to children ages 4-17.  Our staff is trained in addressing the unique challenges our young people face.  If you need extra help with your child, call our office today.   Being a parent is tough, and sometimes you may need help with your children.  Sometimes, parents don’t know if they need additional help.  Some signs which may indicate your child needs additional help, include: 


*Has problems at school or disobeys rules at home; 

*Has problems eating or sleeping;  

*Shows sudden changes in mood or behavior, or is frequently angry or aggressive; 

*Has strange thoughts or feelings or exhibits unusual behavior;

*Isolates from others or has few friends;

*Appears not to have a conscience;

*Mentions or attempts suicide;

*Uses drugs or alcohol;

*Lies or steals;

*Has attempted or threatened to run away.

Whatever the situation, LifeSpring can assist your family in determining the best way to help your child.  Call your local LifeSpring office to set up a comprehensive assessment, and help your child be on the road to recovery.

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