Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you serve?
We serve everyone. We do not deny services based on a person’s race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability to pay. There may be situations where we do not have the type of services someone needs, but we always try to connect people with other services who may be able to help.

What insurances are you paneled with?
LifeSpring works as a provider for several difference insurance companies.  We may be able to act as an “out of network” provider for others.  Please call your local LifeSpring office to ask specifically about your insurance carrier.  LifeSpring is a Medicaid/Medicare provider. We offer sliding fee scales for everyone, even if they have insurance.


How do I know if your office is open in the event of inclement weather?
If LifeSpring is closed for inclement weather, it will be advertised on our website and Facebook page.  To be on the safe side, please call to confirm your appointment if there is any concern over weather.


How do I get an appointment?
Simply call the office closest to you.  If you are unsure of which office you should call, contact the Main Center at (812)280-2080.


Is there a charge for services?
Yes, however some individuals may qualify for a sliding scale fee plan. We serve everyone, regardless of ability to pay.   Additionally, LifeSpring is a Medicaid/Medicare provider, and clients who have either of these carriers may not have a co-pay.  For more information review our
Fee Policy.


What is your fee scale?

Our Fee Information


How will you decide if you will recommend medication?
With the exception of people who come to LifeSpring during a crisis, all clients see a therapist first.  At this time, the therapist and client work through an assessment process which identifies some of the issues the client is facing, and helps the client set goals for their recovery.  Studies have shown that clients who work closely with a therapist respond more favorably in their recovery.  After working with the therapist for some time, the therapist and client may decide an evaluation by a psychiatrist is appropriate to determine if medication can aid in their recovery.  LifeSpring’s seamless assessment and treatment process ensures appropriate clients are referred to Medical Services, reducing psychiatric wait times.


Can you help me get a job?
LifeSpring has a wide range of career opportunities, which you can view on our
Careers page.


LifeSpring is proud to offer a Supported Employment program which works with mentally ill individuals to develop skills which aid in successful placement in the workplace.  This program is open to current LifeSpring clients.  If you believe this program may help you, call your local LifeSpring office and make an assessment appointment.  Please note, this is a program specifically for clients of LifeSpring.  If you would like to learn more, visit our Supported Employment page. 


Can you help me learn how to better parent my children?
LifeSpring has both services for children and adults.  If you believe your child has a mental illness, behavioral health or substance abuse problem, please contact your local LifeSpring office to schedule an assessment.  Additionally, LifeSpring provides services for parents who have mental illness or substance abuse concerns.  LifeSpring is a preferred provider for the State of Indiana Department of Children Services.  If you have an open DCS case, ask your caseworker about being referred to LifeSpring.


I am concerned about a loved one.    What do I do?
If you are concerned about a loved one, and you believe they may hurt themselves or someone else, please call 911- this is an emergency! 


If you believe your loved one is suffering from mental illness or substance abuse issues, you should talk with them about your concerns.  You may encourage them to contact LifeSpring or their family doctor.  Additionally, offering to come with them to their first appointment may help ease any fears they have.  It is important to remain supportive and encouraging.


How do I know if I should seek professional help for mental illness or substance abuse issues?
If you think you may need to seek professional help for mental illness or substance abuse concerns, chances are you do.  LifeSpring’s seamless and comprehensive assessment process ensures you will receive the appropriate level of care, with your goals for recovery in mind.  


I am thinking about hurting myself or someone else.  What should I do?
If you believe you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself or others, please call 911.  Let the operator know you are in danger, and let them help you navigate this difficult time.  Feelings change, and with appropriate interventions, you can feel better.  This is an emergency- just like if you thought you were having a heart attack.  There is help out there, and you don’t have to be in pain.  Help is just a phone call away.  Please, make that call.