Training offered by LifeSpring Health Systems – with descriptions

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EAP Orientation

EAP for Supervisors, Managers & Administrators

EAP Refresher


Basic Money Management – A review of basic money management principles and skills. Learn why how you think and feel about money is as important as how you manage it. Learn to develop a basic money management plan, savings plan as well as a weekly budget.

Bullying in the Workplace – This training will educate you on the different forms of bullying in the workplace as well as the costs of bullying and what can be done to deter/eliminate bullying in the workplace.

Communication – Review the components of communication and learn how to become a more effective communicator.

Coping with Downsizing/Job Loss – Downsizing or job loss can be painful and difficult. This training looks at a change model, discusses different reactions to the loss and explores resiliency and emphasizes stress management.

Customer Service – An interactive training that focuses on being aware of who your organization’s customers are and using communication, and relationship building to provide excellent customer service. Participants will also learn techniques to deal with handling difficult customer contacts.

Dealing with Difficult People – This training will prepare the participants to handle interactions with difficult people in the workplace or elsewhere. Topics covered include learning how to develop or adjust your approach towards others to prevent difficult interactions, methods for de-escalating agitated or challenging individuals and a review of what to do after you have a negative interaction.

Generations in the Workplace – Learn how employees from four different generations in the workplace can work together and get along by being aware of, respecting and maximizing on each generation’s strengths.

Harassment Prevention – Examine the legal definition and basis for identifying harassment; identify behaviors that might be considered harassment and make choices to avoid the high risks associated with them; describe the legal and other consequences of harassment; describe your role and responsibility in creating a workplace that is free of harassment and what actions you can take against harassment.

Personal Resiliency – Resiliency is the courage to come back. Participants will learn to develop approaches they can use to influence engagement and energy management. Learn about sources within everyday life that build energy and renewal skills.

Problem Solving 101 – Learn to identify problems clearly; recognize when problem solving is needed; identify the steps for a simple method of problem solving and how to have a good time while learning to think creatively.

Problem-Solving Skills for the Workplace – Participants will review the problem solving process and learn a proactive approach to use in the workplace.

Stress Management – Review of stress, the symptoms of stress and the effects that it can have if not managed properly. Learn how to build a “tool box of techniques” to assist with managing your stress. Participants will learn and practice a stress-reducing technique during this training.

Stress Management for First Responders – This training focuses on the unique types of stress that First Responders experience. Participants will learn tips and techniques to deal with managing stress to prevent unwanted symptoms.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace – Incorporating your company’s policies on substance abuse, SHCC trains managers and supervisors about how substance abuse affects the workforce and the progressive stages of addiction. Participants will develop the ability to recognize signs and symptoms of addiction, develop confrontation skills, and learn how to refer to the EAP.

Who Takes Care of You? – Self-care remains a challenge for many of us, personally and professionally. The reality is that many of us struggle with conflicts and deterrents to our own self-care.


Critical Incident Stress Management – Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is available following a traumatic event affecting the workplace, such as a natural disaster, sudden death of an employee, or threats or acts of violence. LifeSpring’s response may include organizational consulting regarding management of the incident, group and/or individual sessions with affected employees, and follow-up.

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