Supervised Group Living Homes

LifeSpring currently operates two Supervised Group Living facilities (SGLs).  These facilities house no more than 10 adults and provide homes to LifeSpring clients with serious mental illnesses.  The homes are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Residents attend daily group and structured therapy with a goal of eventually graduating from the program and moving into independent living.

Alternative Family for Adults Living Homes

LifeSpring contracts with local residents to operate Alternative Family for Adults homes in several of our counties.  The Alternative Family Living (AFA) Program matches adults who have a serious mental illness with a householder who is not an immediate relative.  The householder allows the adult to live with them, and assists the resident in maintaining or acquiring skills necessary to live in the community.  The householder agrees to provide daily room and board, as well as supervision and care, in their homes and ensures a safe and sanitary environment and family atmosphere.  In addition, the householder agrees to assist the resident in medication monitoring and provides transportation to and from appointments. 

The goal of the AFA program is to provide a stable, structured environment while the client learns the skills necessary to facilitate independence, with the aim of potentially living on their own.