CCBHC: Responding to a Growing Crisis in Mental Health & Addictions

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The healthcare needs of communities are growing more complex and urgent. In responding to the varied health needs and concerns in the communities we serve, LifeSpring is happy to have a CCBHC, or a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, operating in Harrison County and Floyd County, with many folks from Clark County being eligible for services as well.

What is a CCBHC?

The Excellence in Mental Health Act in 2013 established the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic model, a new form of provider within the Medicaid program. CCBHCs are designed to provide whole-person care by integrating physical health with a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services to vulnerable individuals. When we say “whole-person care”, we are considering all aspects of a person’s health and life. This consideration includes a person’s physical, mental, and behavioral health, as well as their socioeconomic status, housing situation, and other social determinants of health, which oftentimes can exacerbate health issues.


At LifeSpring, our CCBHC program is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a federal agency with a mission to reduce the impact of substance use and mental illness in the United States.

A wraparound approach

We use a wraparound approach with our CCBHC to emphasize that all providers involved in a person’s healthcare not only have access to all relevant information but are proactively communicating with one another to gain the full picture of a patient’s health.


Key services in a CCBHC

Service coordination is critical for CCBHCs to be successful. iThere are nine types of health services that a CCBHC is responsible for providing, all of which we provide at LifeSpring Health Systems:


  1. Screening, assessment, and diagnosis
  2. Primary care screening and monitoring
  3. Crisis care mental health services
  4. Patient-centered treatment planning
  5. Outpatient mental health and substance use services
  6. Targeted case management
  7. Psychiatric rehabilitation services
  8. Peer support, counseling, and family support services
  9. Veteran services


This means that all patients are screened for behavioral health at the beginning of an appointment and a full spectrum of services from primary to specialized care is provided under a single roof, or is contracted through a close partnership.


24/7/365 Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team

In Floyd, Harrison, and Clark County Indiana, our Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. This is one of the most exciting components to our Certified Community Behavioral Health Center. Anyone in these counties (Floyd, Harrison, Clark) can call ourMobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team at (812) 206-9090.


LifeSpring Assistant Vice President of Crisis Interventions, Dustin Hawkins, puts it simply,

“the goal of the service [Mobile Crisis Intervention team] is to prevent people in need from falling in the cracks and not receiving proper care after being admitted to a hospital or having police respond to a crisis situation” (News and Tribune, 2022).


With the Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team, LifeSpring is able to assist police departments in responding to emergency calls from those experiencing a mental health crisis, along with individuals and other community stakeholders.


Our CCBHC services include providing immediate screenings and risk assessments for mental health, addictions, and basic primary care needs for both children and adults.

Our Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team is able to reach some of the most vulnerable people, connecting them to a greater array of services and resources than ever before.


Who Can Receive Care from LifeSpring’s CCBHC?

At LifeSpring, we believe everyone deserves high-quality healthcare. Services at our LifeSpring are provided regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, and our CCBHC continues in this light. In addition, the funding from SAMSHA for the CCBHC program provides additional funding to ensure the ability to reach some of our most vulnerable people. Services such as a 24/7/365 Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team and an increased access to care management and peer support are possible with our CCBHC for those who would otherwise not have qualified for these services.


On a broader scale, CCBHCs are available to anyone in need, with the goal of getting people the care they need regardless of financial or medical barriers. CCBHCs can be an excellent resource to get needed healthcare whether or not the patient is able to pay, is insured, or suffers from serious mental illness, complex health issues, or severe substance addiction.


Access Services at LifeSpring and Our CCBHC

If you or someone you know are in crisis or facing a crisis in Floyd, Harrison, or Clark County Indiana you can call our Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team at (812) 206-9090.


Hoosiers can call us to schedule an appointment in one of our locations throughout Southern Indiana at (812) 280-2080.



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