LifeSpring is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors.

Sam Eckart, Chair
Robert Houston, Esq., Chair-Elect
Kathie Miller, Past-Chair & Secretary
Lindsey Fleming, Treasurer
Judy Steedly, Foundation Ex-Officio
Jack Vissing, Esq. 

Chad Lewis, Esq.
Jan Vetrhus
Lisa Tetrick 
Dwight Lindsay, MD 
Larry Medlock 
Jennifer Lawyer
Sharon Riehmann


Day to day operations are managed by LifeSpring’s Executive Management Team.

Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D., President/CEO
Connie Chenault, Executive Assistant
Nick Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Greg Duncan, LCSW, Senior Vice President for Healthcare Strategies and Quality Assurance
Karen Jones, MBA, Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Administration
Beth Keeney, MBA, Senior Vice President for Community Health and Primary Care Services
Marta Myszak, LCSW,  Senior Vice President for Clinical Services
Wanda Booker, BSN, Vice President of Nursing
Dennis Crandell, LCSW, Vice President of Adult Behavioral Services
Misty Gilbert, LCSW, Vice President of Recovery Services

Meara Grannan, LCSW, Vice President of Children and Family Services
Joe Higgins, LCSW, Vice President of Area Clinical Services
Asad Ismail, MD, Vice President of Medical Services
Denise Poukish, Vice President of Forensic Services
Christian Rice, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Christine Grider, Assistant VP of Accounts Receivable
Marshall Lowery, Assistant VP of Facilities

Stephanie Taylor, Assistant VP of Business Services

Area Office Leadership

Terri Backherms, LCSW, Washington County Clinical Manager
Tiffany Johnson, LCSW, Scott County Clinical Manager

Amy Hoskins, LCSW, Jefferson County Clinical Manager
Joe Higgins, LCSW, Harrison County Clinical Manager
Nadeja Wesley, LCSW, Floyd County Clinical Manager
Misty Gilbert, LCSW, Recovery Campus and Austin Clinical Manager  

Denise Poukish, LMHC, VP for Forensic Services 
Meara Grannan, LCSW, VP for Children and Family Services